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A Tome of Righteous Fire

A Tome of Righteous Fire is dedicated to chronicling and cataloging the events pertaining to persons of descent from Helmuth Albrecht or the region of Blackmarsh. It will cover important persons, places, and battles. Additionally, characters involved in roleplay with the Brotherhood of the Flame may be found here.

The contents of this wiki are almost all extra-canonical (see: fanon) contributions by the people that maintain it. It is not intended to be used, in any way, to refute or invalidate aspects of actual canon in World of Warcraft and instead addresses areas left untouched by lore as a whole.


A Tome of Righteous Fire, like most out of character information, is intended to assist people in IC dealings without wholesale offering them the solution to any IC situation. That is to say, while a character can know information within the wiki, it is highly discouraged that a person open the wiki and say their character knows "everything" unless they are a historian devoted to that particular part of history. Many aspects of this wiki are familial secrets or parts of memoirs, left to Albrecht hands or their bastard lines.

It is the intention of this wiki to assist in roleplay and the verisimilitude gained through establishing lines and remaining true to them. Players that attempt to use this resource as a means of "gotcha" exceptionalism will be ignored without question.

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