Abigail Luckett (née Stanleigh) was the wife of John Luckett and mother to Hannah Luckett.


Although many born of House Stanleigh was known for their dusky complexions, Abigail was relatively fair though noticeably tanned in comparison to other women. She was a healthy woman, neither skinny nor fat, and had a high nose. Her hair was blonde and her eyes amber.


Abigail was the niece of Sir Michael Stanleigh, the hero of Brunshire. Following Hadrian's War she moved with her mother to Longshire, where she was introduced to the music of John Luckett.

John Luckett was very different from the man she knew; he did not fall over himself to flatter her because of her surname and often touched her fleetingly upon her elbows in a playful manner. These actions caused her to warm to the lowborn bard, who proposed that the two elope. Despite her mother's protests, she and John fled Seyford where they lived together for three years.

With the birth of their daughter and the demands of raising her, John Luckett left home and began his work as a bard once more. He sent money back to his family routinely, but the stress greatly diminished Abigail's spirits.

Because John Luckett chaged his surname, it was said that Abigail never "crossed a Meadow".