Alaryana Albrecht (née Bala'thustraes [Glacial Falcon's Song]) was the wife of Viscount Dedrick Albrecht and mother of Viscount Wilhelm Albrecht. As a half-elf, she lived long enough to not only have a full life with her husband, but nearly to the end of her son's life.


As a half-elf, Alaryana seemed to gain the best of both her parents. Her hair was a vibrant red and is believed to be the source of Albrecht hair color. She was slender and tall, nearly five-foot-eleven inches and still quite capable of appearing the lesser when she wished to. Full of life and vivacious, there was a life to Alaryana that few could ever hope to match - a life that glimmered in her near halogenic blue gaze.


Rare though it was, Alaryana's father wed a human for love rather than land or status. The child born of their union, Alaryana, was gifted in the arcane and sent to Dalaran; however, before long she returned home upon hearing of her mother's death. Certain of her father's sorrow, she forsook her studies to keep him company in his time of need.

The House of Bala'thustraes had for some time been in contact with House Albrecht, who assisted them in fending off trolls. Seeing that his daughter was nearing age and that the Albrechts were in the ascendent, Alaryana's father agreed to wed her to Dedrick Albrecht if she favored him. When comparing the lively girl to the sickly boy it seemed unlikely, and yet from the moment they met it was love without question.

Dedrick may have been sickly, but there was a warmth to him that Alaryana readily seized upon. She stood beside him during the Blackwood Uprising and with him as he slowly succumbed to the illness that plagued him all of his life.

She bore two children: Wilhelm and Agnes. The former became viscount while the latter the wife of a margrave.

It is often said that Alaryana doted on her son too much, for he was the pride of her life. His later corpulence and ill-advised actions are attributed to his mother's ability to forgive him for any transgression.