Sir Armund Galawain, Knight-Champion of Lordaeron, was a particularly prolific knight within the king's army. A close friend of Morgana Menethil in her youth, he would later train her second born son in the ways of chivalry and lead his own army against the Pendletons during the Blackwood Uprising.

Later in life he wed Elenna Albrecht, Morgana's daughter and Ulric's sister.


In his youth, Armund is said to have been a very charming and passionate young man. With a hooked nose and trustworthy eyes, many young women in Lordaeron surrendered their maidenheads to this swarthy knight. Later in life, his black hair greyed in a dignified manner, and it was said every line on his face told a story of his bravery. Armund wore his beard closely trimmed. A set of blue and white armor was known to be his favored attire.


Sir Armund Galawain served as the commander of the Menethil forces in the Blackwood Uprising. An experienced knight by the age of twenty, his ties to Blackmarsh through both Lady Morgana and his former squire Sir Ulric saw him lend a lifetime of experience to the embattled province.

Were it not for Mason Pendleton's expertise in holding his army at Ebon Hill Pass, there is little question as to who would prevail in a contest of arms between Mortimer Pendleton and Sir Armund Galawain. However, the contest never came to be as Mason did successfully prevent Armund from reaching his brother until much later in the war.

Sir Armund officially broke the Siege of Blackwatch Keep . Although his initial orders indicated that he should suppress all of Blackmarsh should he be given the chance, when he saw the lengths that Sir Ulric had gone through to see his brother avenged, he could not bring himself to do so. It was during the victory celebrations that he first laid eyes upon the young Elenna Albrecht.

Sir Armund, now a man well into his fifties, requested Elenna's hand in two years time when she would be sixteen years of age. Dedrick, indebted to the man, acquiesced despite his sister's misgivings.