Sir Arval Albrecht was the third son of Helmuth and Morgana Albrecht. His death inspired Sir Ulric to overcome the Pendleton forces, and like his older brother he is remembered as a symbol of chivalry.


Arval Albrecht was a tall young man with long brown hair. He was remarkably handsome and a wore his beard in a short, trimmed nature as the men of Lordaeron often did at the time. In battle he favored steel armor lined in gold, a distinct difference from past generation.


Sir Arval, as the third born son, was expected to follow in the shadow of at least one of his brothers. To no surprise he idolized Ulric, who though abroad for most of his youth, was nevertheless a name he aspired to compare himself to. Extremely taken with manners of Lordaeron's high society, he tirelessly pursued his mother for stories of old knights.

When the Battle of Blackwood Forest occurred, Arval was still an untested young man. He found his courage along with those who survived and was knighted by Sir Ulric, who in turn bestowed upon him command of one flank of his army, the other being held by Sir Geoffrey Meadows. Their forces were divided in pursuit of Mortimer and Holden, with Arval taking the lead against Lord Holden. If he could end the battle quickly he knew he would be exalted amongst his peers.

As his mother's tales had told him, a knight was expected to fight in single combat. So it was that he called Holden Pendleton to single combat and the two traded two passes of the lance before an arrow struck Arval and unhorsed him. Holden enabled him to be recovered, but the wound mortified quickly and he was taken by fever. In a matter of hours, his brain was fried and he was said to have screamed for his mother before perishing.