Ashton Vine was the head of House Vine during the Spring Campaign. He was killed by Burkhard Meadows.


Ashton Vine was a slender man with a wispy beard. His eyebrows were fierce and his eyes cold black pools of scorn. His lips were often twisted into a frown and he was said to laugh merrily when another person was injured, be they friend or foe.


Ashton Vine long awaited the chance to rebel against House Albrecht as a result of the harsh terms House Vine faced following the Blackwood Uprising. With House Creed as their backer, they raised their banners in defiance and elected Ashton to lead them into war.

Ashton's victory at Umber's Crossing proved to be his greatest contribution to the war effort. He was unhorsed at Brunshire and later lost his life in the Blackwood Forest. His death caused House Vine to withdraw support from the war and the loss of their siege weaponry immediately crippled the war effort as a whole.