Lord Auric Falomyr was the Margrave of Falomyr during the Spring Campaign, Hadrian's War, and the War of the Ebontide.


Auric Falomyr was crafted from war and worn from battle. A stocky man, he had a head of brown hair that was considered stringy by some, and stubble that never seemed to grow into a beard. His chin was strong and his eyes close together, giving him a suspicious look at most times. He thick at the neck and shoulders, well disciplined in battle. He had a hard mouth that was usually drawn into a frown.

In battle he favored a greatsword named Trollflayer and wore a set of steel armor lined in gold.


Auric came to power following the demise of his father, Margrave Ferris Falomyr, at the hands of trollish invaders. At an early age he learned to appreciate the unpredictability of the enemy and also to embrace its savagery. As a margrave of some importance, he was expected to keep his men at the ready and did so. The brutality of battle, unfortunately, bled into his bedroom affairs as well, and Falomyr Keep was known to be a horrifying place for a maiden or monster.

Lord Falomyr's reputation as a brilliant commander reached the ears of Viscount Wilhelm, who was currently embattled with his rebelling lords. The letter he penned promised the hand of his sister, a striking beauty, in exchange for military support. Lord Falomyr led a small host of veteran soldiers down into Blackmarsh and cut directly for Dreadholme. There, he besieged the castle and after bringing it home, placed all of its inhabitants to the sword following particularly vile acts of rapine and plunder.

Following the Spring Campaign, Agnes Albrecht was wed to Lord Falomyr. He was harsh with her despite her quiet nature and soon broke her of her will. For years this continued until finally her nephew, Hadrian Albrecht, demanded she be returned when a particularly racy song reported that Lord Falomyr was not alone in his defilment of his aunt.

Hadrian Albrecht was goaded into marching on Falomyr and his army won surprising victories; however, when they attempted to besiege Falomyr they were handed a crushing defeat. Lord Falomyr claimed the life of Anders Albrecht, the Falconheart at the time and took his sword.

Terenas Menethil II, newly corronated, brought an end to the war and demanded that Lord Falomyr return Falconheart to the Albrechts. The Margrave agreed, but before the matter of Agnes' treatment could come about, his wife died of mysterious circumstances. Some say of a broken heart - others say a broken neck.

Agnes bore for him three children: Richard, Marigold, and Alfred. The first died before him, the second became her mother's replacement, and the third proved to be as monsterous as his father.

Following his defeat during the War of the Ebontide, Auric fell gravely ill. Having taken leave of his senses, he was poisoned by his youngest son and reportedly shouted "give them back to me, Hadrian!" with his final breath.