The Battle of Blackwood Forest was actually a series of battles that culminated in a decisive loss for House Albrecht. Because of it, the Blackwood Uprising would continue for nearly two years.


Calling upon his brother's bannermen, Sir Ulric the Falconheart rode into Blackwood Forest with the intention of defeating Mortimer Pendleton in pitched combat. As lines were drawn, several of the Albrecht bannermen defected. With the area already covered in fog, the confusion sent panic through the ranks and Sir Ulric was forced into retreat where Lord Malcolm Creed launched an attack against his former commander.

Ulric and his illegitimate brother, Sir Geoffrey Meadows, were forced to lead their men through a series of harrowing defeats that nearly broke the Albrecht army entirely.


Sir Ulric and the bulk of Albrecht forces were separated from Blackwatch Keep. Additionally, Mortimer Pendleton was poised to besiege Blackwatch Keep. Considering that the initial battle statistics placed the troop allotment 2:1 in favor of Albrechts, given that Sir Ulric barely escaped with his life it is considered one of the most overwhelming defeats ever experienced by an Albrecht until the Siege of Falomyr.