Without any opposition, the rebel forces pushed down into Brunshire, a small town recently built for outsiders in Blackmarsh. The town was seen as an example of Wilhelm's oppression and attacked ruthlessly. Sir Michael Stanleigh met the attackers in a melee that while valiant, was inevitably lost.


Although a single force could have overwhelmed Brunshire, all of the commanders present wished to take part in its conquest. Lord Mercer Willow, at the head of the largest force, assaulted Brunshire from the fore, while lords Vann Creed and Ashton Vine attacked from either flank. Faced with three foes, Sir Michael met Ashton Vine in single combat and unhorsed him, then sent his scant defenders to hold against Vann Creed.

When Mercer Willow arrived in force, it was too much for the defenders to contend with. Despite his two previous victories, Sir Michael's soldiers were exhausted and he was without relief. Like his uncle, Lord Marlow Stanleigh, he gave his life in a final charge that blunted the enemy's drive.


Brunshire fell, as expected, but the cost in time was a grave error. Had the two additional forces bypassed it and moved for Blackwatch Keep, there is a good chance they would have been able to catch it unaware. Instead, word reached Blackwatch and a defensive force was prepared.

The death of Sir Michael is also said to have weighed in upon Lord Robert Pendleton's decision with what to do in the war.