Menethil forces, led by Knight-Commander Armund Galawain, attempted to relieve the Albrecht position in Blackwood; however, Mason Pendleton had already been dispatched with veteran soldiers to hold Ebon Hill Pass.


Mason Pendleton and his veterans were experienced in the Hills as well as extremely passionate in their cause. Defending against the Menethils was as deeply an entrenched aspect of being a Pendleton as fighting for a freed Blackmarsh, and so when the lackadasical approach of Sir Armund was noted, they set upon them like wildfire.

The Menthil line, expecting a show of force to be enough to cow the upstarts, had come to battle in heavy armor and with large destriers - two things that hampered movement in Ebon Hill Pass' winding pathways and sharp turns. They were largely overwhelmed and forced into retreat, the Pendleton guerilla tactics far different from the traditional lines Sir Armund had experienced in past campaigns.


Sir Armund was forced into retreat and prevented from assisting House Albrecht. The third victory, although it did not destroy the Menethil position it did continue to add fuel to the Pendleton fire.