Honor's Point is broken into the three days, each representing a new combatant into the fray. With House Willow at its weakest, House Creed became the chief opponent to the Albrecht forces.

The BattleEdit

Because Willow could only be reached through the same passageway that Sir Geoffrey and Burkhard Meadows had claimed in their fight with Chauncey Willow, Mercer was forced to contend with them.

First DayEdit

After applying pressure to Willow, Sir Geoffrey was certain that Mercer Willow would return to defend his home. Anticipating this, he had Burkhard Meadows prepare an ambush for Mercer at Honor's Point. There, Mercer's hurried soldiers were deadlocked by the awaiting combatants. The fighting lasted for the better part of a day before each withdrew.

Second DayEdit

Bloodied, Mercer sent Vann Creed and his men into the fray while his rested. At first light the Creeds began their advance, but before they had made it half way into the field, Sir Geoffrey's cavalry rode them down. House Graves' archers prevented a successive charge which saved the day, at which point Burkhard's men once more faced off against the incoming enemy.

Third DayEdit

Rain prevented the archers from having much clarity, but it also made it difficult for the cavalry to charge. Mercer Willow, fearful for the safety of his family, called for single combat with Sir Geoffrey. The Falconheart answered readily and had several passes with Mercer before he attempted to lure him into an ambush. Burkhard, sensing the danger, fired a shot that was called miraculous to strike the throat of Mercer's charger. Once he was thrown, Sir Geoffrey backed off in time to avoid being netted.


Though a fourth battle was planned, the three days of battle enabled the Margrave of Falomyr to besiege Dreadholme. The resulting massacre brought an end to the war.