Word of Sir Arval's defeat arrived as Sir Ulric and Geoffrey were preparing for their assault on Mortimer's left flank. The attack was intended to be a diversion, but proved to be a decisive victory.


Mortimer Pendleton, at the head of the largest Pendleton forces, left his left flank to his younger brother Galen. Upon hearing that his brother had died, Sir Ulric charged the line and cut through several lesser nobles, including Wesley Creed, before engaging Galen in what proved to be little more than a second's worth of combat.

With Mortimer already moving into position to besiege Blackwood, his army fell into momentary dissaray as Ulric cut down Arthur and Harold Pendleton in the next two passes. Sir Geoffrey followed through by dividing the remainder of the left flank as he claimed Lord Malcom Creed in single combat.


Mortimer Pendleton's army was cut in twine, half now retreating to Holden's position while the other fought to catch up to the main force. Sir Ulric and Sir Geoffrey parted ways with Geoffrey preparing for Holden's arrival while Ulric took his vanguard forces north after Mortimer.