Though relatively small, the Umbra River acted as a means for people of Blackmarsh to ferry goods to and away from the province. House Graves' seat of power, Gravestone , was not far from it. While moving his men up the river, Sir Douglas Marshal encountered the rebel forces.


Like most Marshals, Sir Douglas was a veteran soldier; however, he had been given a token force to simply convince the Graves rather than compel them. Halfway to Gravestone his men were beset on all sides by the combined might of the rebels, who pushed them further up the river and away from their base of strength.

It was Sir Douglas' military experience and the readiness of his men that enabled them to prevent being captured or killed, as they cut through the Willow line and retreated into Umbra Valley. Broken though they may have been, they were able to regroup while their adversaries pressed down the river and toward Blackmarsh.


The loss at Umbra's Crossing revealed that the Albrechts could be hurt; however, it was largely a superficial victory that bolstered spirits for a side committed to what some saw as a failed cause. Nevertheless, word spread of the victory and many began to question their allegiance. Sir Douglas and his men were kept out of the war by Lord Darcy Graves and his garrison of soldiers.