The Battle of Umbra Valley is considered by many to be the turning point of the war. Although it was another tragic defeat for House Albrecht, it also began the shift in momentum that would see House Pendleton overthrown.


After defeating Sir Lucas' forces, Lord Holden Pendleton took what remainder of his men were not needed to hold Ebonloch and marched through Blackwood toward Blackwatch Keep. Intending to join with his son's standing army, he was intercepted by Sir Arval Albrecht's smaller force and forced into sudden combat.

Sir Arval's line was capable of holding only because the terrain favored him with hills and trees preventing large scale assaults from Lord Holden's line. However, fearing that Holden might sacrifice half his men and march around him, he charged out from cover and met Lord Holden in combat. Lord Holden, though aged, was able to last for two passes with the spirited Arval before an arrow claimed the younger fighter.

With his army thrown into dissaray, Holden was freed to join his son's forces.


Sir Arval's death sent shock through many of the Albrecht loyalists, who felt the young knight's demise portended the end for House Albrecht.