Darcy Graves was the lord of House Graves during the Spring Campaign.


Darcy Graves had a very courtly appearance to him: tall and stiffbacked, there were frown lines upon his face by the age of thirty. His hair was dark and curled and he had dark blue eyes. In battle he wore grey armor with a helmet shaped as a skull.


It was the request to foster his second son, Seamus, that forced Lord Darcy Graves to declare with the rebels during the Spring Campaign.

Darcy Graves fought Sir Douglas Marshal during the Spring Campaign at Umber's Crossing. After fighting ended, he surrendered willingly and received little reprimanding from Hadrian Albrecht.

He was killed at the Battle of Lifebane beside Malcom Marshal, who had once been his enemy. The two refused to abandon their commander and instead fought valiantly to the end.