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Dedrick Albrecht, 2nd Viscount of Blackmarsh was the first Viscount of Blackmarsh to be born within Lordaeron.  He was viscount during the Blackwood Uprising and worked to establish a strong, central authority for the remainder of his life.  Largely unpopular among his people, he nevertheless greatly strengthened the Albrecht presence along the Ebontide and as perhaps his most lasting impact, created the bond between the House of Buzan and the House of Albrecht.

Although not a warrior himself, he also was the creator of the Falconheart as both a sword and a title, making him the first ruler of the Dawn to not also be martially gifted.  He lived longer than any other Albrecht, up until the age of 89.  He is also the longest serving viscount at 65 years. 


There are no resources which note Dedrick as being a particularly handsome man. Sickly in his youth, he grew to be slender and lanky.  He bore the Albrecht jaw, but wanted for very much presence despite towering over some at 6'4".  Slight of build, he never seemed to favor a beard.  His hair was worn long and well styled.

Dedrick was remembered as a scholarly sort, who wanted for his father's strength and his mother's charisma.  Regardless, there are some that attribute a degree of noteworthy austerity to his eyes.  


As the eldest child of Helmuth Albrecht and Morgana Menethil, Dedrick was assured the viscounty following his father's death.  He was a sickly lad however and many believed he would grow into a sickly man, lacking the strength that his father had used to capture Blackmarsh so effectively.  With Blackmarsh in a state of near civil war at all times, it seemed that he would be the least likely person to maintain the newfound nobility that the House of Albrecht enjoyed.

In his youth, Dedrick proved to be an exceptionally bright young man.  Unfortunately, his father was of a generation that placed value far more on martial prowess than mental acuity, and even though Helmuth had himself used reading to outmaneuver the Menethil army in earlier engagements, he found his son's weakness to be too great to be compensated for.  Likewise, by that point in their marriage had Helmuth and Morgana had a falling out, leaving Morgana to favor her son little.  This left Dedrick to bond with his younger brothers Ulrich and Arval, though the former was sent to Capital City for training as a knight, while the latter had little interest in scholarly pursuits.  Secluded from the  many, he turned to books as a means of companionship.

By his eighteenth birthday, Dedrick had regained some of his life.  He would forever be a man of slight build, though at his impressive height of 6'4" he did manage to intimidate some before they came to know him as the soft-spoken man that he was.  Helmuth, exhausting whay influence he retained with the House of Bala'thustraes in Quel'Thandil, acquired a marriage between the half-elf daughter of Magister Alondyr Bala'thustraes, Alaryana Bala'thustraes.  This bright eyed girl, with an easy smile and quick wit, would become the rock upon which Dedrick leaned in the harder times of his life to come.

Not long after Helmuth's death, the Blackwood Uprising began.  Ulrich, now Sir Ulrich, returned from the capital city with a handful of companions to assist his brother in the battles that followed.  This men became the basis of the Falconguard.  Dedrick never took to the field and if not for Alaryana, would surely have lost Dawnhaven in what was the closest the castle ever came to falling.  However, though the odds wree against them the Albrechts survived the contest and emerged victorious.

A point of contention between Dedrick and Ulrich was that Dedrick pardoned any rebel lord that reaffirmed his fealty.  This led to the houses of Creed, Vine, Pendleton, and Willow escaping extermination.  To strengthen the bond between Pendleton and Albrecht, Ulrich was wed to Lynn Pendleton, whose family had no  less than a year prior slain his brother Arval at the Battle of Shadowvale

It was in this time of forced peace that Dedrick proved his value.  He exhausted the spirits of his former enemies by sending them, with Sir Ulrich at their head, to assist neighboring provinces with their own ailments.  One of these, Crownwood, proved to be of a great value given its position along the Ebontide.  Highpass as well, the seat of the House of Trueflame, was first approached with friendship under Dedrick's reign. 

His influence led to his son Wilhelm being wed to Claudia Buzan, the eldest daughter of Count Konstantin Buzan. 


Dedrick Albrecht was largely a supporter of centralized authority. While traditionally in Blackmarsh all houses favored some sense of autuonomy, after the failed rebellion was put down he used this as a means to increase House Albrecht's influence by removing many castle walls and instating lords loyal to him and Lordaeron rather than past glamour.

One of his more unpopular, though practical, decisions was to ensure that those who rebelled were pardoned based more on their utility than sincerity in capitulation. For example, while House Creed had been a staunch detractor, they were allowed to hold most of their past holdfasts, whereas House Vine who had done relatively little, was stripped of much land in the Grasp. 

Because the Menethil support had been so valuable to his people, Dedrick also began to see the benefit of expanding beyond the cloistered nature of Blackmarsh's isolationist policies. He encouraged trade with neighboring provinces, which led to renewed relations with the House of Buzan.