Douglas Meadows was the son of Sir Geoffrey Meadows and Beatrice Michaels. He became a tradesman in Duskholme.


Douglas was a heavy set man with thanks to his mother's fondness for spoiling him. Charming and comical, he lacked the avian features of his father and instead seemed a replica of his mother. His cheeks were often red and his eyes bright green. A bulbous nose marked his face, often above a smile.


Douglas never had any illusions about becoming a knight. From an early age he took interest in how things were made and soon learned carpentry. Apprenticing in many shops, he eventually became proficient enough to set out on his own and did so, gaining himself a notable trade.

While in Duskholme he met Rebecca Fisher, a soft spoken woman from Kul Tiras. The woman's blonde hair and bright blue eyes won him over, and though she had many suitors he managed to place himself ahead by remarking that with a stomach like his it was evident he made enough money to live well. Rebecca, more charmed than enthralled soon became his wife.

The two had a son, the acclaimed and controversial bard John Luckett.