Earlessa Falconcrest was the lover and paramour of Viscount Helmuth Albrecht. From their illict trysts came about a bloodline that birthed a great many heroes; some whose names reverberate even in the present day with chivalry.


Earlessa was said to be a woman of striking beauty; with raven black hair and piercing blue eyes. She had sharp features and a hooked nose, the appearance of exotic beauty readily apparent on the fair woman. Though she was not the tallest of women she was slender in an appealing manner that did not boast enormous curvature, but complimented her avian features nicely.


Although the Albrecht family histories often record Earlessa Falconcrest as an honorless woman, in truth she was Helmuth's first and some say only love. From childhood the two were fast friends and grew to become lovers during the War of Acquisition. The unfortunate outcome of that war determined not only the state of Helmuth's future, but that of their joined bloodline as well.

Earlessa, the eldest daughter of Count Falconcrest, could have married a good many men, but she remained ever devoted to the love she felt for Helmuth. With the birth of her son, she felt she had all she ever would of Helmuth, but a tryst years later produced for her a daughter as well.

The animosity between Morgana and Earlessa was never a secretive thing, and several times it is believed Morgana had gone so far as to send knifemen after her rival. Nevertheless, both women grew to regard each other with chilled animosity in later years.

Earlessa and Helmuth shared Blackwatch Keep after Morgana's passing. However, not long after his mother's death Dedrick Albrecht had Earlessa poisoned as a means of avenging her. In this way, Helmuth and Earlessa died together as Helmuth followed not too long after his lover.