Father Edward the Affable (born Edward Meadows) was a clergyman in Tirisfal, Lordaeron.


Edward had a hawkish nose and a jutting chin. Despite these sharp features, his kind eyes and bushy eyebrows made him quite easy to converse with. He was a shaven pate and had brown hair that curled about his ears. Later in life he developed a beard.


As his aunt Mallory had done, Edward saw his salvation in the Light. At an early age he told his father that he wished to be a servant of the Light and though Sir Geoffrey had some misgivings about the idea, he nevertheless relented.

Edward became known as the Affable for his warm presence and kind, soft spoken nature. Although he took after his father in height, he always attempted to be sitting when dealing with shorter people so as to avoid making them look up.

He was very close with his aunt and presided over her funeral. In his last days, he was often visited by his sister Jeanette who would remark how very much like their father he appeared.