Elenna Galawain (née Albrecht) was the wife of Sir Armund Galawain. She is remembered as being the "trophy" for the knight-champion following his assistance of House Albrecht. Many view her with a touch of dishonor, as few believe she would have been wed if not for debts owed.


A fair haired girl with a slender build, it is rumored that she was not of Helmuth's seed because of her green eyes. She was considered relatively attractive for her time and drew the eyes of many men, chief among them her future husband Sir Armund who said she was "like her mother, but drafted to perfection".


Little is known of Elenna Galawain. After marrying Armund she moved with him to Stratholme, Lordaeron where the two shared a home. She bore for him many children, but never returned home.