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Lord Eugine Pendleton was the lord of Blackwood, and the successor of Lord Vance Pendleton. He was married to Rosemary Marshal, with whom he fathered three daughters - Nonia, Asha and Brianna.


Eugine Pendleton is a tall, broad shouldered and angular man who has aged into his upper fifties. He is just over six foot. His nose is straight, face wrinkled only slightly from the impacts of age. His hair, once a golden blonde, has considerably lightened into a far more somber shade of blonde. He looks similiar to what one would expect of a Pendleton.


The current lord had been raised into the expectations of his duties, taught and schooled in the manners of not only the gentry, but also of war. Brought up from birth to serve in military and to fight as an honorable man of sword and shield under the Light, Eugine possesses a considerable skill with the blades he wields. Old-fashioned and wholly conservative, Eugine's personality is one forged from the hardships of war and leadership. He carries with him a cold disregard to those unworthy of praise and uncompassionate to the foolish and traitorous.


Eugine has served in many wars, and is a veteran to leadership and combat. As a boy, Eugine had served as a squire in the War of the Ebontide. From this point on, the man's military career would shine.

Eugine participated in Midday, which was quickly ended and particularly not much of a war. The man fought during Bloodjoy, serving his house with distinction.

Currently, Eugine Pendleton has left Blackwood under the watch of his wife, Rosemary, and the castellan Gregan Berum. Both of his two married daughters are fulfilling their duties as married women to their respective lords, while Nonia avoided the lifestyle of a lady.