Sir Geoffrey the Falconheart


Ulric Albrecht


Anders Albrecht

Sir Geoffrey Lichter was the son of Sir Ulric the Falconheart and his lady wife Lynn Pendleton. He served as the second Falconheart in the Spring Campaign and the beginning of Hadrian's War.


Geoffrey Lichter was a tall man with a great deal of muscular definition. Like his mother and father he was of little expression and lacked for charisma in many ways. His hair was blonde and his eyes a sparkling green. In battle he often favored a set of red and armor lined in white steel. He wielded the Falconheart for two successive wars.


The second child of his parents, Geoffrey was the son his father always desired. From an early age he was trained in the ways of knighthood and allowed to squire for his father along with his cousin, Wilhelm Albrecht. Geoffrey's stoic nature and distant appearance often made him lose favor with those around him, but he cultivated himself into a man of war as his father desired.

While Wilhelm learned the ways of state and affairs abroad, Sir Geoffrey served with distinction in the border regions and assisted his father in campaigns in Alterac and Gilneas. He returned from war a learned man, not disillusioned but distinguished from his time at war. He wed Saria Stannleigh who bore for him a son and a daughter.

During the Spring Campaign, Geoffrey moved from Ebonpool to assist his cousin in warding off the rebel lords. He was named Falconheart in the field and later led two successful offensives.

He was killed during the Battle of Crestford. His final words were to name his cousin, Anders Albrecht, as the Falconheart.