Sir Geoffrey Meadows was the first born son of Helmuth Albrecht and Earlessa Falconcrest. Though a noble by account of both family lines, he would go on to found one of the largest bastard lines due to his parents' lack of marital union. Unlike his Albrecht relatives, Sir Geoffrey lived a relatively long and eventful life and died in the company of his loved ones.


Geoffrey Meadows was a relatively handsome man with what people often referred to as avian features. A hooked nose and sharp, watchul eyes of dark blue were his two most distinguishing traits. He was known to have a lean build and stand a head taller than most. In battle he often wore a set of red armor trimmed in gold.


Sir Geoffrey was born during the War of Acquisition to the unmarried couple of Helmuth Albrecht and Earlessa Falconcrest. When the two were married, Helmuth intended to legitimize his bastard; however, the defeat of Blackmarsh before House Menethil led to their subsequent abandoning of these plans.

But Helmuth's heart was filled with much love for his firstborn son, and with it he saw that his bastard was trained in martial prowess, so that he might earn a living with his sword if nothing else. While Morgana Menethil forbade him to be knighted in Lordaeron, Sir Ulric, his half-brother, chose to grant him an official title despite his mother's misgivings when he took the name of Falconheart.

Sir Ulric and Sir Geoffrey served in many theaters of combat together. In the Blackwood Uprising, he is remembered for defeating Lord Malcom Creed at the Battle of  Umberden Valley and later for his defense of Blackwood against Lord Holden Pendleton.

When he followed Sir Ulric abroad, it is said that he sought a favor from his sister, a nun, as no lady of high standing would do such for a bastard. A piece of Mallory's habit was woven about his lance and from that day forth, he was said to be untouchable in battle.

Geoffrey returned to Blackmarsh until his mother's death, and from there moved off to the newly formed town of Longshire. Though nearing his fiftieth year by this point, he met and fell in love with Beatrice Michaels, a baker's daughter who was nearly three decades his junior. Smitten with the older and world experienced man, she begged her father to allow them to marry.

Geoffrey and Beatrice had three children(Jeanette, Douglas, and Edward) who each reached adulthood before he passed away of heart failure. He lived a long life, the latter part filled with a great deal of love and compassion. Throughout the latter years of his life he made certain to keep in contact with his sister.

His sister, now a mother in the convent, personally attended his funeral. It was said that though she loved the Light above all else, her brother was second only to its glory in her heart. Not long after her brother's death, she too perished.