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Holden Pendleton is remembered for being a passionate Menethil detractor as well as the chief proponent for the Blackwood Uprising. Despite his role in the Blackwood Uprising, Holden is remembered as a honorable man who greatly loved Blackmarsh.?


A large and intimidating man, Holden Pendleton was said to stand nearly three hands tall. At a young age he was reported to have developed a full beard of blonde that matched his iconically long hair. In battle he favored a greataxe and wore a set of black armor lined in green. His eyes were deep blue, penetrating to any who dared face him in the battlefield.


As a young man, Holden Pendleton was fast friends with his liege lord, Helmuth Albrecht. Wedged between the expansive kingdom of Lordaeron and their ancestral troll foes, Blackmarsh's forefathers fought long and hard to remain a sovereign nation. Many of Holden's brothers died in these battles and wars. His father was one of the commanders to fall at the Battle of Bleeding Oak against the Menethil forces.

Holden wed his childhood love, Katrina Bladeworth, and had with her many children. In their battle against the Menethil Forces, his son Mortimer unquestionable brave. Unfortunately, bravery could not answer overwhelming numbers alone.

On his fiftieth year, Menethil knights and footmen broke through Blackmarsh's defenders and laid siege to Blackwatch Keep. After this, House Albrecht surrendered to Lordaeron. Holden was very critical of this decision, but did not defy his lifelong friend.

When Helmuth passed on, it was his eldest son Dedrick that came to power. Aged though he may have been, Holden never forgot how much he loathed the Menethil occupation of Blackmarsh and together with lesser lords, launched a rebellion that nearly toppled House Albrecht and freed Blackmarsh.

Holden, despite his advancing years at the age of nearly eighty, commanded a host of soldiers that saw him through the Siege of Ebonloch Hold and into several close battles. It was his defeat at the Battle of Bleeding Oak that ensured the Uprising had come to its end.

As a result of his action, Holden's daughter Lynn was wed off to the "Hero of Blackmarsh", Sir Ulric the Falconheart and the lands under the Pendleton's severely reduced. Ebonloch Hold's outer walls were removed and the Pendletons were forced to pay for the repairs on many smaller castles.