John Luckett (born Meadows) was an extremely prolific bard for his time period. In addition to creating several tavern favorites, he is credited with being a major factor in Hadrian's War.


John Luckett was considered extremely attractive by his peers. Although he was noted for having large ears, there was a particular charm to him that was said to come from his voice and spread over his features. Tall and lean, he had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Later in life he allowed his hair to grow long, but refused to place it into a tail.

He was said to favor the color green above any other.


John Luckett was born to Douglas Meadows and Rebecca Fisher. Though his father attempted to teach him carpentry, he quickly developed a favor for musical instruments. It was said that the first thing he ever crafted was a flute and from that day forth music was in his veins.

John left home when he was still a young man, vowing to send back money to his mother so that she might enjoy life. He joined with a company of border knights briefly where he acted as a standard bearer before eventually filtering off into the tavern scene. Upon realizing that everyone was a "Meadow", he changed his surname to Luckett.

As legend holds, he chose the name 'Luckett', because it completed a racy rhyme. Whether or not this holds true, John Luckett was especially popular with women and certainly left his fair share of forlorn lovers in his wake. His popularity peaked when he was requested by the Margrave of Falomyr to create a song to commemorate the deeds performed with his beautiful wife.

John eventually settled down with Abigail Stanleigh. Though there were misgivings about the union, John swore to end his wanderlust if only she would sate his. The two had a single child, a daughter named Hannah.

Following Hadrian's War and because of the outcome, John Luckett's popularity began to diminish. Though he continued to receive a steady stream of coin for his work, as time went on that stream became drier.