Lucas Marshal was a veteran of war during the War of Acquisition, but fell before House Pendleton in the Blackwood Uprising. He is remembered as a gallant, but ineffective commander.


Lucas Marshal was a slight man a very weak chin. He had a beard of brown hair, but his head was nearly without hair at all. Thin lips and a broken nose revealed him to be less than the ideal knight. Nevertheless, as a member of House of Marshal he was seen as a capable commander by the smallfolk.


During the War of Acquisition, Sir Lucas Marshal served as aid-de-camp to his brother Sir Torman Marshal. Despite a storied military career in dealing with trolls, his experiences provided him with little for combating the Pendletons.

One of the few houses to remain loyal to House Albrecht during the Blackwood Uprising, House Marshal's chosen knight was given command of a small force to besiege Ebonloch Hold, at the very least keeping their army split. Though his men were kept in an orderly line, they were set to flame and slaughtered as they fled.

Sir Lucas Marshal met his end on the shores of Lake Pendle, his remains returned to his family.