Lynn Albrecht (née Pendleton) was the wife of Sir Ulric the Falconheart and the daughter of Holden Pendleton.


Like her brothers, Lynn was fair haired and relatively tall for a woman. She had handsome features, strong and well defined. A quiet woman, she endured suffering or joy with a relatively unchanging face and spoke with a dry voice. She is remembered as being a voluptuous woman.


Lynn, as were many women of her time, was born to a life of sorrow. Her brothers died when she was less than twenty years old, and shortly thereafter she was wed to the man that slew three of them. But she was a woman of solemn resolve and little foolishness; when handed her cards, she played them as best she could.

Sir Ulric was not overly affectionate with his wife, but the two did approach their relationship as a duty. Lynn kept him company when he was home, and when he was away she maintained their household in Blackmarsh. She bore for him two children: Renate and Geoffrey.

Lynn outlived her husband by a decade but never associated with another man. She is seen by many as a symbol of what a woman of any birth should be - dutiful to her father and loyal to her husband.