Malcolm Creed was a defector to the Pendleton side during the Blackwood Uprising. Unlike many of the heroes during the war, he is viewed with little honor and seen nearly unanimously as a contemptible person.


Malcolm Creed was a pale man with stringy black hair and sunken, pale eyes. He was noted for speaking with a wispy voice and fighting with a poisoned spear named Blooddrinker.


Malcolm Creed was one of the valiant defenders of Blackmarsh during the War of Acquisition. Along with most of House Creed he was known to be a savage and relentless fighter, who used anything at his disposal to be rid of his enemy. Generations of trollslaying had created within his family line a special poison that would mortify a wound upon contact.

Present at Dedrick Albrecht's ascension into the role of viscount, he joined the party led by Sir Ulric to defeat Mortimer Pendleton. While in the field, he waited for battle to commence and then had his men blindside Ulric's footmen. The result was a near death for Sir Ulric who barely avoided Blooddrinker, and then the hasty retreat of those overcome.

Lord Creed was then given command of Mortimer Pendleton's vanguard forces. After savaging many of his former comrades he was engaged by Sir Geoffrey at the Battle of Shadowvale , where he was cut down in single combat.