Mallory Meadows was born the second child of Helmuth Albrecht and Earlessa Falconcrest. She was later known as Mother Mallory at a convent in Corin's Crossing.


Quite like Geoffrey, Mallory favored her Falconcrest features over the Albrecht. With the same hooked nose as her bother and a pair of blue eyes, her hair was auburn and her complexion fair. Although never considered beautiful, before she became a nun she was said to have a few suitors.


Little is known of Mallory following her entry into the convent. As a girl she was said to enjoy reading and song, but the life of a bastard afforded her little opportunity. She spoke often with her brother and wrote him when he was abroad. Later in life, she was fortunate enough to meet her nephew, Edward Meadows, before passing on.

Whether or not the story of Geoffrey Meadows' favor is true, what is certain is that she loved her brother dearly and saw him as many of their peers viewed Sir Ulric.