Lord Marlow Stanleigh of the House of Stanleigh was one of the few lords to remain loyal to House Albrecht during the Blackwood Uprising. He is remembered for defending Blackwatch Keep before meeting an unfortunate end.


Marlow Stanleigh was a man of dusky complexion with a slim build and slightly large head. Despite this, his commanding nature greatly inspired those who followed him. He wielded a sword named C'ornar in combat and rode a rouncy named Felicity. His family's ancestral weapon, a kris named Partlow, was often worn at his side.


Lord Stanleigh was present at the Battle of Blackwood Forest, but was sent by Sir Ulrich Albrecht  back to assist his brother in holding the keep. When Mortimer Pendleton launched his attack against the castle, Lord Stanleigh met him in the field and held him at bay until night.

Hoping to take his enemy unaware, he rode out with a small group of soldiers to attack the enemy at night; however, the darkness caused undue confusion and he was killed by his own soldiers.