Sir Michael Stanleigh (sometimes stylized as "Lord Michael Stanleigh") was the heir to House of Stanleigh and a combatant during the Spring Campaign.


Michael Stanleigh was a dusky man that stood about 6'. He often shaved his hair off, allowing it to appear as fuzz. His ears and nose were considered large, though it was set they fit him well. Like his sister he had amber eyes. In battle he wore a set of steel grey armor with a green cloak. He favored a spear named Hopewright.


Michael was given control of the town of Brunshire by his former classmate and lifelong friend, Wilhelm Albrecht. Brunshire was to be an example of what outside influences could bring to Blackmarsh; however, it became the target of the rebel lords' derision.

When the three armies of the Spring Campaign's rebels marched upon Brunshire in the direction of Blackwatch Keep, Sir Michael rode out and confronted two of them before falling in combat to the third. His bravery purchased for the Albrechts considerable time to prepare their own forces and to bring about a decisive victory in following skirmishes.