Morgana Menethil was the eighth daughter in line for the throne of Lordaeron and is best remembered as the wife of Helmuth Albrecht. Like many women that married into House Albrecht she found herself at odds with her husband.


Morgana is remembered as being relatively plain and unassuming. Fair of hair and with an equally fair complexion, she was at times called the Ghost of Blackmarsh. In her youth she was full figured, but as she grew older and gave in to depression, she wasted away. Despite the chilled nature of Blackmarsh, she is also remembered for wearing clothing of Lordaeronian fashion.


Morgana's youth and childhood were mired within palace frivolty. An adventurous girl with little responsibility, she was free to flirt and tease as much as she desired. These games were largely irrelevant to larger politics as a result of her low position in the line of succession. Nevertheless, they gained her a reputation that saw her prove less desirable for many of her potential suitors. Sir Armund Galawain was one of her close friends.

When Helmuth Albrecht and Blackmarsh Province were brought into Lordaeron, her father had her wed to his new subject. Strengthening the tie with Blackmarsh meant that the northern border would be well protected, and Helmuth was a capable man if nothing else. Although he was far from the most righteous or handsome man and already ten years her senior, Morgana saw the chance to move to Blackmarsh as an adventure and seized upon it readily.

For the beginning of their marriage, Morgana doted on her husband with as much appreciation as a young wife should her betrothed. However, when rumor of a previous relation and the bastard spawned from it came to her ear, Morgana's childish delight became childish scorn. Helmuth, who had no experience with these things, shut himself off from his wife and made the mistake of visiting Earlessa Falconcrest once more.

Shamed, Morgana became reclusive and spiteful. She bore for the Albrechts four children, though it is rumored the fourth was not of Helmuth's seed. Dedrick, Ulric, and Arval were all men of varying interest, but Ulric was her favored son. The fairhaired boy would later grow into a gallant unlike any Blackmarsh had seen.

In her later years, Morgana grew to accept Dedrick as well, though he reminded her so much of his father that she could never say she loved him. Despite this, following her death, Dedrick had Earlessa Falconcrest poisoned as a means of avenging his mother's honor.