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Mortimer Pendleton served as a commander during the Blackwood Uprising . He is also known for making the wise decision to forbid his son from rebelling during the tenuous reign of Viscount Wilhelm Albrecht. Had he done so, it is nearly certain the remaining Pendletons would have been crushed and their remaining lands taken for the crown.


Mortimer was a man of ruddy complexion with a thick build, thick at the neck and shoulders. Compared to a warthog several times in his life, he was a very powerful man that in later years suffered from back pains and walked stooped.


Mortimer was born during the final stages of the battle against House Menethil. He gained acclaim amongst his peers when he defeated Sir Crue of Lyle in a duel so heated that his opponent's gorget was broken in the exchange and his life lost. Although the war against the Menethils was inevitably lost, Mortimer's reputation was untarnished. Unlike his future rival, Dedrick Albrecht, Mortimer was a man whose name inspired and whose presence intimidated.

During the Blackwood Uprising, Mortimer was given command of many of his father's soldiers. With them he defeated the Albrechts several times before eventually being forced into surrender following the Battle of Bleeding Oak.

When Holden Pendleton died, Mortimer took his place as head of the family. He worked to rebuild lost prestige, but was faced with suspicion from many lords - those that had fought against and with him. Nevertheless, the Pendletons were a very expansive family and slowly began to reclaim a bit of their previous ability.

In later years, he advised his son not to join with the rabblerousers that called for Wilhelm Albrecht's head. This decision was made as a result of remembering all of the lives that had been lost in his father's uprising. His son abided by his command, and so it was that Robert Pendleton did not join in the failed Spring Campaign.