Rebecca Meadows (née Fisher) was the wife of Douglas Meadows and mother to John Luckett.


Rebecca was a short woman with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was said to be a very slender woman, who lost weight even while eating. Her ears were considered large.


Rebecca was born to a sailor in Kul Tiras and a barmaid. From an early age she learned that the world could be hard without a person to look out for another, and so she set sail for Lordaeron in hopes of meeting a kind man who might care for her.

Upon arriving in Lordaeron she met with a charming though portly man by the name of Douglas. A bastard like her, he seemed to allow that fact to only further increase his appeal. She was quickly won over and the two were wed before moving to Duskholme.

She was said to be like a breath of fresh air in Duskholme and nearly everyone loved her.