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Vance Pendleton
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Robert Pendleton was Lord of Blackwood during the Spring Campaign, Hadrian's War, and the War of the Ebontide. He was married to Falsane Falconcrest and had two sons: Vance and Rutherford.


Robert Pendleton is remembered for being a sickly man, rare among the lords of Blackwood. Despite his poor health he made an effort to retain some semblence of physical prowess and often dressed in armor to make himself appear larger. He was blonde with blue eyes.


Born after the Blackmarsh Uprising, Robert felt more than saw the results of war. He learned under his father to be mindful of the nature of those about him and quickly took to studying rather than swordsmanship. A decidedly revolutionary Pendleton, his strength was not in how quickly he bore his arms, but how hesitantly he did so.

When the Spring Campaign was initiated, Robert made certain to keep his men out of the conflict. Whichever side, he knew, would nevertheless suffer for it in the end. When the Albrechts once more proved themselves tenacious, he went so far as to assist them in restoring order to the lands.

His eldest son, Vance, accompanied the soldiers during Hadrian's War and later proved himself in the Ebontide War. Robert's views on the Albrechts are largely kept secretive, though his marriage to a Falconcrest surely painted them poorly in his view.

He died at the age of sixty, presiding over the largest period of growth for House Pendleton in generations.