Saria Albrecht (née Stanleigh) was the younger sister of Sir Michael Stanleigh and wife of Sir Geoffrey Albrecht.


Saria, like many of her house, was dusky though not quite dark. She was a tall woman, standing at 5'9 with a slender waist and wide hips. It is said that she favored green dresses. Her hair was often worn long and her eyes were amber.


Saria was Sir Geoffrey Albrecht's wife and the mother of Marcus Albrecht. Following her brother's death, it is said that she wept so intensely that the sight left her eyes. House Stanleigh's strong connection with the House of Albrecht ensured that she would be well taken care of, though, and Wilhelm Albrecht convinced his cousin to wed her.

The two shared a surprisingly warm marriage until Sir Geoffrey lost his life in Hadrian's War. Alone, Saria raised Marcus to become a gallant as his father and uncle were.