The Second Battle of Ebon Hill pass is cited as the beginning of the end of the Uprising. Although the Battle of Shadowvale may have injured the Uprising, this defeat surely crippled it.


Still attempting to break through the pass, Sir Armund Galawain found Mason Pendleton's line to be too difficult to penetrate with trees and the winding passes as his cover. Still, the guerilla tactics did not come without small gains, and with renewed vigor Sir Armund pushed nearly through the pass before being forced into retreat.

Had the Pendletons held at this point, then they would have been capable of repelling a successive attack; however, Mason upon hearing of his brothers' deaths sought nothing more than to break free of the Pass and avenge them. Desiring to end the battle quickly, he rode out after the retreating Menethil forces.

Sir Galawain's forces were assisted by the timely arrival of Sir Landred Beaumount, whose army was preparing to launch their own attack against the Pass. Without cover, Mason Pendleton and Landen Pendleton were left to face a combined army that greatly outnumbered them. After a valiant charge, they were slaughtered.


After losing Ebon Hill Pass, the Pendletons were forced to contend with the Menethil forces. The siege at Blackwatch became essential, and Holden was threatened with being overrun by the resurgent forces of Sir Ulric.