Following Lord Marlow's demise, Mortimer Pendleton was held at bay due to chilling rains. Unfortunately for him, word of Sir Geoffrey's holding action against his father in addition to Mason's defeat informed him that he would have to begin his siege immediately or risk being overtaken.


Mortimer Pendleton gave command of his right wing to Reginald Vine, one of the few Vines that saw military action. Reginald was told to press an attack that would grant Mortimer's ram enough time to push through the keep's gate. Without a commander capable of leading soldiers outside, it would theoretically mean that only archers could hold off his siege.

Once more, Mortimer gave an offer for single combat, but Dedrick did not accept. Instead, as the rains grew all the more harrowingly cold, his lady wife emerged upon the battlements. Lady Alaryana Albrecht, the half-elf from Dawnmaiden, was learned in the arcane. When the attackers approached the keep, she channeled the chilled elements in the air into a blizzard that greatly diminished their drive.

Although Lady Alaryana could not hold off the enemy indefinitely, her action did cause Mortimer to hesitate which in turn caused his window of opportunity to weaken. By midday, Knight-Champion Armund Galawain entered the fray with his battle ready soldiers and fought through the enemy line, chasing Mortimer's commanders away and claiming the life of Reginald Vine.


By breaking the siege, the thought of Pendleton victory was abandoned. The only matter left from this point was whether the Pendletons would surrender or be forced into extinction.