Ebonloch Hold was the second crushing defeat for the Albrecht forces during the Blackwood Uprising. While Sir Ulric was embattled with the majority of Pendleton forces, Sir Lucas Marshal led a group of soldiers and oarsmen to Lake Pendle where it was believed the Pendletons would be unprotected. What resulted has been considered a massacre far more than a battle.


Sir Lucas Marshal of House Marshal was a veteran in war, but not in battle. When it came to besieging Ebonloch Hold he thought to ferry his men across Lake Pendle and from there, launch a siege. Instead, as his oarsmen and soldiers arrived and set up camp to prepare for the coming day's march, fiery arrows were fired from Ebonloch's towers. The ground, soaked in oil, quickly took flame and sent many scattering. Those that fled were cut off by Pendleton loyalists and butchered in droves.

Sir Lucas' charred remains were returned to his family for proper burial.


With two major victories in their favor, the Pendletons continued to gain support. This led to further defections among minor houses and newly made gentry families, who saw the time of the Menethil sponsored Albrechts as coming to its end.