Sir Ulric the Falconheart


Geoffrey Albrecht

Sir Ulric Albrecht the Falconheart is the first member of the Albrecht to be formally knighted by a lord of Lordaeron. Known for his valiant showing in the Blackwood Uprising, he would later go on to fight several decisive battles in the name of his lord and Lordaeron. In Blackmarsh, Sir Ulric is seen as a symbol of chivalry.


Ulric was said to be "more eagle than falcon" in that he resembled a Menethil more than the Albrechts. He was a large man like his father, but gifted with a head of flaxen hair and a noble bearing. A robust man, as he aged he was known to be stern and practical. Rarely did a smile find its way to his lips, but even more rarely did a frown. His armor was stylized after his father's, red with white gold.


Where Dedrick was like a poor replica of his father, Ulric was greatly reminscent of Menethil gallants. Morgana, wishing nothing more than to ensure her son grew to be strong, requested that he be trained in Lordaeron with other boys of a similar build. Helmuth agreed and paid for Ulric to be trained by Lordaeron's greatest instructors. Eventually, Ulric came to become squire to Knight-Champion Armund Galawain, an old friend and rumored lover of his mother.

Ulric was exceptionally gifted in horsemanship, fencing, and archery. A knight of some ability, when he was finally made a full knight he returned to Blackmarsh. Despite being away from home for most of his life, he naturally fell under Dedrick's sway and followed his brother from that day forth. During the Blackwood Uprising he served as Dedrick's chief commander and became known as the hero of the war.

With his younger brother, Arval Albrecht, as his squire for the opening battles, he personally knighted him with the Falconheart sword and elevated Arval as a gallant. Although the Pendletons defeated them several times, the tenacity of the Albrechts won out. It was with Arval's death that Ulric finally broke through the enemy and claimed many of their leaders by his sword.

Although Ulric was a man of honor, he was very fond of his elder illegitimate brother, Sir Geoffrey Meadows. The two were sworn brothers and fougth together against the Pendletons; Ulric as the sword and Geoffrey the shield. In many ways Geoffrey was the brother that Ulric always wished Dedrick could have been.

Rumor holds that one of the Pendletons begged for mercy and offered his hand in yielding, but that Ulric paid no heed and cut him down just the same.

Ulric was the commanding officer at the Battle of Bleeding Oak where Holden Pendleton personally surrendered. Although many of his lords attempted to as well, Ulric was said to have desired nothing more than their lives. Dedrick, however, forbade them from being executed. This was the first schism between the brothers and greatly soured Ulric.

After the war, Ulric was wed to Lynn Pendleton to ensure that a Pendleton remained sworn to the family. Though their marriage was loveless, it was one that each saw as a duty to be filled. Lynn bore for him two children, who would later be the beginning of a cadet branch in House Albrecht.

Many of the campaigns Ulric pursued following this were often an excuse to escape their home. He allowed Wilhelm Albrecht, his brother's heir, to squire for him in battle several times. His own son, Geoffrey, also served with distinction in many battles.

It was not until Dedrick was on his deathbed that Ulric reconciled with his brother. A week after Dedrick passed away, Ulric did so as well - it is said, from his loyalty to follow in Dedrick's wake to the very end. He gave Falconheart to Wilhelm in hopes that it would protect the family in generations to come.