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Lord Vance Pendleton was the Lord of Blackwood during the Midday War, the First War , and the Second War. He was married to Melinda Vine and is the father of Lord Eugine Pendleton and grandfather of Nonia Pendleton.


Vance Pendleton was a man quite unlike his sickly father. Broad and imposing, by the age of sixteen he stood taller than most men. A capable fighter from the look of him, his final height came to be 6'3". With a broad nose and a strong chin, many women in Blackmarsh found him particularly handsome.


Vance Pendleton was his father's arm for the majority of his youth. First appearing in Hadrian's War, he also fought during the War of the Ebontide. His cautious methods and observance of military protocol greatly assisted in nearly every theater of combat that he was to be found within.

Like his father, Vance was interested in advancing House Pendleton. When he was approached by Hadrian Albrecht with the prospect of a marriage between their houses he readily seized upon it, certain that this would be one more step in bringing House Pendleton back to its former glory.

In the Second War he served with distinction.