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Vann Creed was the Lord of Dreadholme during the Spring Campaign.


Vann Creed was a fair-skinned man with blonde hair. He was relatively thick for a Creed and had a strong chin, marking him distinctly from past Lords of Dreadholme. In battle he wore black armor lined in green. A green cloak was fastened at the shoulder by a oak leaf shaped pin covered his regalia.


Although House Creed lost a great deal of power following the Blackwood Uprising, they were also permitted to maintain arms in the name of the viscounty. Vann's father, Walter Creed, came to power for a brief period of time before Vann poisoned him. Certain that the house would benefit under his command, he began contacting other disatisfied houses.

The Spring Campaign was costly for Vann Creed and his house. As the Siege of Dreadholme revealed, House Creed was exposed in many ways to outside influences. Vann survived the siege where his mother, sisters, wife, several sons, and daughters were all slain. He vowed to bring down House Falomyr as a result, an action that later saw him join forces with Wilhelm's son Hadrian in Hadrian's War.

To repair relations between their houses, Hadrian agreed to arrange the marriage between Vann Creed and his bastard sister, Dietlinde Thorne.

During Hadrian's War Vann Creed served with distinction and nearly claimed Auric Falomyr's life at the Battle of Falomyr. He did not participate in the War of the Ebontide , though House Creed did supply funds to the defenders.